Chaski proudly announces that its January 26, 2017 Concert for the Earth raised $841, up from $641 with an increased employer match, for the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Foundation! Many thanks to all who attended, donated, and participated!

Thursday 18 May 2017 from 7-8 PM

Westminster Senior Living presents Chaski in a concert entitled Exploring the Folk Music of Latin America. Drawn from Chaski's vast repertoire of folk music, this program promises musical fun guaranteed to enthrall even the most fidgety with amazing instruments, colorful costumes, and audience participation. Guitarist Dan Dickey joins flutist Adrienne Inglis and harpist Shana Norton.
Location: 4100 Jackson Avenue. Austin, TX 78731


Chaski is on the 2014-16 and 2016-18 Texas Touring Roster, which offers matching funds to present Chaski in concert. Visit the Press Kit page to book a concert.

Texas Commission on the Arts

Flutes, harps & the whole world to play in!

Chaski is what you get when you take a virtuosic flute/harp duo, add a colorful collection of flutes and harps from around the world, and explore music to include them all. For over 30 years Chaski has toured with repertoire ranging from the Mozart Flute/Harp Concerto, to Bolivian huayños, Scottish strathspeys, tunes from Playford's "The English Dancing Master" (published 1651), and world premieres of new works. Chaski frequently works in collaboration with solo artists, choirs, and, most recently, with a modern dance company, accompanying the dancers and performing alongside them.

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